November 6th, 2014


by Roger West in

The Barnes Law Firm is a full-service appellate firm that helps attorneys and individuals solve and address complex trial and appellate issues. The firm has a statewide practice that is not limited in subject matter. The firm has worked with lawyers nationally and throughout South Carolina in state and federal courts.

Litigation is a multi-faceted practice that, in today’s legal environment, requires a forward-thinking approach at every stage and constant anticipation of procedural and evidentiary issues. Barnes Law Firm approaches each case from an appellate perspective and integrates that with trial counsel’s litigation approach, strategy, and style.

Working and trying a case with an appeal in mind will increase the chance of success at settlement, trial, and on appeal. Hiring an appellate attorney at the dispositive motion or trial stage of a case allows the trial attorney to focus on the presentation to a judge or jury, and the appellate attorney to shape the theory of a case while ensuring issues are preserved for a potential appeal.